B’s Music Shop Keeps Rockin’

| June 15, 2012 | 0 Comments

Whether you want to be a drummer in a rock ‘n’ roll band or become the next “piano man,” B’s Music Shop in Mount Pleasant MI can probably set you on your path. The store, which stocks a full line of products, offers lessons in piano, guitar, bass and drums, as reported initially by The Morning Sun. According to Brian Hansen, whom the newspaper report quotes and who, along with his wife, Elizabeth, owns the store, brass and reed instruments might come later. The couple founded the business 10 years ago, moved into the current building seven years ago and purchased it two years ago. Recently, though, they have added sound-proof music-lesson rooms for kids and adults, suiting everyone from beginners to those who are proficient, plus those who fall in the middle.

Hansen revealed that guitars are especially popular, with pianos being somewhat less so. He still, however, has a number of customers who take piano lessons and actually purchase digital pianos. He added that most of his more mature customers prefer drums, although, in his opinion, no one instrument is more or less difficult to learn than any other is. One nice thing about the new music rooms is that they’re equipped with computers. Tim Mocny, who is one of the teachers and who instructs on both piano and drums, can play recorded music––without drums––while his student provides the rhythm. Then, he can do it over or slower, if he chooses to.


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