El Toro Y El Fiesta


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Gon Bops’ El Toro And Fiesta Peruvian Cajons

Gon Bops’ El Toro And Fiesta Peruvian Cajons

Overview: Gon Bops’ El Toro And Fiesta Peruvian Cajons
Specifics: Gon Bops has added two additional Peruvian Cajon models to its offering: the El Toro and Fiesta Cajon. The El Toro is named after percussionist and educator Efrain Toro. Made in Peru, the drum is crafted from solid Peruvian Mohena hardwood, and features inner guitar strings for authentic Flamenco Cajon sound. It has an angled front contour and large rubber feet to ensure bass tones don’t get lost. The Fiesta Cajon is the latest instrument in the company’s Fiesta instrument line. With adjustable Maple front panel and internal snare wires, authentic Spanish Flamenco tones are easy to achieve. This model also has large rubber feet. The El Toro Cajon is 13”x18.5”x13.5” and has an adjustable front panel. The Fiesta Cajon is 12”x18”x12” and features a maple front/MDF shell construction.
MSRP: Call company
Ship Date: Call company
Contact: Gon Bops, 506.272.2019, www.gonbops.com


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