Get Down To The Quad

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Overview: American DJ’s Quad Scan LED

Specifics: American DJ’s Quad Scan LED is an RGB effect that combines four Tri-Color LED scanners into one portable lighting unit. A rectangular fixture, the Quad Scan LED is equipped with four powerful three-watt Tri-Color RGB scanning lamps that produce a variety of brilliant colors and gobo patterns. Moving to built-in programs, the four scanners project their effects throughout the entire room, providing wide area coverage and giving mobile entertainers and nightclubs bang for the buck. With each of its lamps consisting of a Tri-Color LED source (red, green and blue), the Quad Scan LED provides RGB mixing and bright, vivid colors. The unit also comes with four replaceable gobos (gobo size: 20.5mm; viewable size: 12mm), which can be substituted with custom gobo designs.
MSRP: $419.95
Ship Date: Call company
Contact: American DJ, 800.322.6337,


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