Gibson Guitar Corp. Becomes Gibson Brands

| June 21, 2013 | 0 Comments

The Gibson name is about more than just guitars and, now, its name reflects that fact. To represent Gibson’s growing selection of products and evolving lifestyle orientation, Gibson Guitar Corp. has become Gibson Brands. “Of course, the Gibson Guitar Corp. remains a vital, and crucially important, division of Gibson Brands,” Gibson Brands Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz said in a statement. “But with the recent acquisitions of TEAC, the Stanton Group, KRK and Cerwin-Vega!, as well as a major investment in Onkyo, Gibson now encompasses the entire music and sound chain—from the first chord played by a songwriter on a Gibson guitar, until the music reaches the consumer through Onkyo’s premium high-fidelity systems.”

Gibson Brands has a strong position in multiple business segments, including the number-one dollar market share in electric guitars and pro audio studio monitors. It enjoys an ever-expanding global presence.

“Gibson guitars have always represented a fusion of technology, art, innovation and craftsmanship, resulting in a premium range of musical instruments,” Juszkiewicz stated. “Gibson Brands will continue to carry that ethos into all our products. Most importantly, we’ve never forgotten that Gibson Brands are about bringing the joy of music and sound to a world hungry for a positive quality of life.”


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