Give Me A Boost

| April 11, 2012 | 0 Comments

Overview: Tech 21’s Four Added Effects
Specifics: Tech 21 has added four effects to its Boost Series line of pedals: Boost Distortion, Boost Overdrive, Boost Fuzz and Bass Boost Fuzz. Designed and built using the best individually selected, hand-biased discreet components, each unit delivers optimized performance with studio-quiet operation. The powerful boost function delivers up to 21dB of clean boost, which can be used independently from the effect. A true post-boost, it punches up the tone you dial in, rather than smothering it in unwanted distortion. Tech 21’s all-analog circuitry merges the classic sounds of vintage effects with modern dependability. The Boost Distortion delivers fast punchy tone. The Boost Overdrive pumps up the midrange and adds sustain. The Boost Fuzz celebrates germanium fuzz sounds. The Bass Boost Fuzz ranges from the fat, gritty sounds of the ’60s fuzz bass to the subterranean growl of industrial metal.
MSRP: $195   Ship Date: Call company
Contact: Tech 21, Inc., 973.777.6996,


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