Island Music Company Hosts Robert Godin

| September 19, 2013 | 0 Comments

Robert Godin (left) and Keith Grasso (right) pose with the winner of the free Seagull raffle, Carl Lancaster (center).

Back in May, Island Music Company in LaPlata MD hosted Robert Godin, Founder/President of Canadian company Godin Guitars, for a “Guitar Builder’s Workshop.” During the workshop, Godin discussed the method and artistry of building quality acoustic and electric guitars. The event drew people from as far as 50 miles away. The musicians in attendance ranged from professional to amateur, and even a few custom guitar builders showed up. Following the presentation, three participants purchased new Godin and Seagull guitars.

“We had a great turnout for our Godin Guitar clinic. The folks at Island Music have done an incredible job of creating a community with their customers, who are just as passionate about Island Music as they are about Godin Guitars. It’s refreshing to see an independent music retailer that truly gets what successful retailing is all about: creating and sustaining customer loyalty,” said Janet Godin of Godin Guitars.

Keith Grasso, Owner of Island Music, attributes the event’s success in part to the popularity of the Godin brand. “We stock a great deal of Godin guitars and work hard to get the guitars into people’s hands. Our customers already know that Robert Godin and the Godin brands are something special…real quality instruments. But hearing Robert speak allowed them to understand why these guitars look and sound the way they do,” he said. Island Music Company is one of the top Godin dealers on the east coast.

Godin helped participants see that guitars are still being made with innovation, passion and North American craftsmanship. He explained the entire process, from hand-selecting trees to putting on their signature matte finish. Additionally, attendees learned the origins and purpose of many Godin trademarks, like the unique headstock, choices of wood, various nut widths, etc.

At the end of the night, Island Music Company and Godin teamed up to provide a raffle for a free Seagull Entourage Rustic acoustic guitar, as well as free Godin strings for all participants. “It is so great that the Founder of a keystone guitar manufacturer is still excited enough about his guitars that he wants to travel the world explaining the dynamics of guitar craftsmanship and why he chose to build his guitars the way he did. It makes me feel a real connection to my Godin instrument,” said Carl Lancaster, who was in attendance at the workshop and won the raffle for the Seagull Entourage.


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