Maher Marketing For Music Products Industry

| March 16, 2012 | 0 Comments
Maher • HELP

Maher • HELP

MI industry marketeer John Maher is signing up new clients who need help with overall strategy, Web consulting, Facebook advertising, search-engine optimization (SEO), art direction, e-mail marketing, video shoots, product reviews, press releases, artist relations, catalog design, sales presentations, YouTube management, product launches and trade show coordination. And that’s just for starters.
Maher has a history of successes, including the initial media launch for Crate Amps, the first Farm Aid collaboration with Alvarez Guitars, the introduction of the Peavey Axcess accessory program and the creation of Fender’s Frontline Magazine, which is still going strong today. He also developed sales programs for Roland and Boss and created the communication tools that helped win the Alesis Studio Electronics digital tape “format war,” which helped clear the way for the home recording studio business.
Other memorable industry milestones for Maher include the introduction of Samick’s USA guitar program, the rebirth of the Silvertone brand and, as NAMM’s Director of Communications, Maher coordinated the L.A. convention media campaign, along with the NAMM 100th Anniversary yearbook. And, he delivered the NAMM board presentation to help launch the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad CA.
Maher also served as VP Marketing for Brook Mays and as Guitar Center’s Special Projects Manager, designing and staffing Costco road show kiosks for Music & Arts music stores, and is responsible for the Reunion Blues video in which a guitar is thrown off a three-story building, resulting in a viral YouTube selling tool that is still going strong today.
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