Mangini Brings Zildjian On Tour

| May 29, 2012 | 0 Comments
Zildjian Artist Mike Mangini
Zildjian Artist Mike Mangini

Zildjian Drumstick Artist Mike Mangini has added yet another line to his impressive résumé: drummer for progressive rock masters Dream Theater. Mangini auditioned for the gig, along with many other highly respected drummers, and the process was captured on video. The audition process in New York City can be viewed on YouTube at

Mangini is currently on tour with his Artist Model drumstick. Constructed from resin-impregnated laminated birch, this material provides extra density and heft to the stick. The power and control provided by the material is well suited to the drumming required for the Dream Theater live shows. His drumming can also be heard on Dream Theater’s new recording, entitled “A Dramatic Turn of Events.” Mangini holds three out of four “World’s Fastest Drummer” titles.


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