MoMM’s Roots Of Reeds Exhibit

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MoMM's Roots Of Reeds Exhibit

MoMM's Roots Of Reeds Exhibit

NAMM Foundation’s The Museum of Making Music chronicles the global development of reed instruments in its temporary exhibition, Roots of Reeds. The history of reed instruments dates back centuries and touches many countries and cultures. The exhibition presents an overview of reed instruments and explores their ancient roots in the Middle East, Persia and Asia, and the evolution of reeds into the instruments of today.

The exhibition will be on display through March and has been accompanied by special concerts, including harmonica players James Cotton and Howard Levy; Sounds of the Jungle Temple, featuring Randy Raine-Reusch and Mei Han sharing Asian-infused reed music; and upcoming Tales of the Reed, with performances from the East Mediterranean region by Dr. A. J. Racy, Dr. David Borgo, Souhail Kaspar and Rob Thorsen.

The exhibition was developed in collaboration with Randy Raine-Reusch of Vancouver, multi-instrumentalist, expert and collector of traditional Asian instruments. The display is also supported by loans of instruments from the National Music Museum in South Dakota, the University of Washington Ethnomusicology Program and private collections of John Whiteman and Leslie Hoffman.


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