Oak Creek Is Making Sweet Music

| November 14, 2012 | 0 Comments

In Oak Creek WI, Dana and Michele Clark opened a new store, Sweet Music, in the Market Place Village in August, reported oakcreek.patch.com. Both of them teachers, they teach, sell and repair a wide variety of musical instruments, ranging from guitar, banjo and mandolin to ukulele, dulcimer and drums. As the original story reported, since both of them teach, repairs and lessons are a particular strong suit. Dana started with playing ukulele, then moving on to drums and guitar. Michele has been playing music for about two decades, and actually met Dana through a class she was teaching. The name “Sweet Music” originated as the moniker under which they had performed.

In terms of layout, the store has instruments for sale in the front, whereas a practice space sits near the back. A formal grand opening took place in late September, marking Sweet Music’s true arrival on the scene. The Clarks, according to the original report, say their shop is well suited for beginners. So, if somebody in the Oak Creek area has long been considering picking up an instrument, Sweet Music might just be the perfect place to do it.


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