Pure Ecstasy

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BognerRedOverview: Bogner’s Hand-Built Pedals

Specifics: Bogner’s hand-built Ecstasy red, Ecstasy blue and Uberschall pedals are based on Ecstasy and Uberschall amplifiers. The pedals deliver the company’s signature amp tone, plus new and inspiring sounds. Each pedal was designed with discrete Class A gain stages and with no op-amps or diode clipping, mirroring the circuitry of their respective amplifiers. This approach provides clarity, touch sensitivity and note separation Each pedal is powered by a standard 9V battery or 9VDC power supply. The Ecstasy blue pedal captures the classic blue channel tone of the Ecstasy amplifier, able to deliver iconic and classic rock-n-roll crunch. The Ecstasy red pedal captures the red channel tone of the amp, known for its incendiary higher gain crunch and lead tones. The Uberschall pedal derives its thunderous hi-gain tones from the Bogner Uberschall amplifier.

MSRP: Call company
Ship Date: Call company
Contact: Bogner, 818.765.8929, bogneramplification.com


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