Sticks & Skins: Drum And Percussion Manufacturers Share Their Insights

| October 22, 2013 | 1 Comment

stickandskinsAs regular Music & Sound Retailer readers know, October is always our annual Drums & Percussion issue, in which we spotlight a segment of the industry that’s well known for its high-quality products and for the amount of fun that playing them brings to uncountable drummers and percussionists, both young and old. Here, we’ve gathered four of the most in-the-know people in this segment of the market and asked for their candid thoughts about topics such as strength of sales, burgeoning trends, and how to grow the ranks of drummers and percussionists. Our panel of experts includes Andy Schlosser, Zildjian’s Vice President of Global Sales; Dave Jewell, Marketing Manager, Yamaha Drums; Terry Bissette, Tama Sales Strategist; and Mike Robinson, Director of Marketing, KHS America.
To start, The Retailer posed this to them: “According to many of the industry’s dealers, 2013 has been somewhat tough in terms of retail sales. Looking at your own sales figures, how…

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    Good stuff!

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