Sweetwater’s $23M Campus Expansion

| February 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

Sweetwater-Groundbreaking-1Sweetwater Sound broke ground on a 110,000-square-foot expansion in November at the Sweetwater campus. The company will not only add 110,000 square feet to its current facility, but it will also add more than 315 full-time positions to its workforce over the next four years, plus a number of ancillary jobs related to Sweetwater’s partners, vendors, contractors, and restaurant and music school staffs. The expansion is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2014. Most of the new jobs created will be high-paying and result in new employees moving with their families to Fort Wayne IN.

Since Sweetwater moved into its new campus in November 2006, a move that was made possible with help from an incentive package put together by the Economic Development Alliance, total employment has grown from 240 to almost 500 today. The expansion allows the company to enhance its headquarters campus and maintain fully integrated operations. It will include 35,000 square feet of additional warehouse space, and 75,000 square feet devoted to marketing and sales staff, plus additional conference and training space. Sweetwater plans to invest at least $23.6 million.

“Thanks to the great work of the Economic Development Alliance, Sweetwater will be able to continue to create jobs and grow in Fort Wayne,” said Sweetwater Founder and President Chuck Surack.


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