Takuya Nakata Named President of Yamaha Corp. Japan

| May 1, 2013 | 1 Comment

Tak Nakata_portraitTakuya “Tak” Nakata has been named President and Representative Director of Yamaha Corp. Japan, succeeding Mitsuru “Mick” Umemura. The announcement was made yesterday during a meeting of the company’s board of directors. Umemura has been serving as President and Representative Director of Yamaha Corp. since June 26, 2007, and is scheduled to become Special Corporate Advisor at the company. Under his leadership, Yamaha returned to profitability with $42.3 million in net income for its fiscal year ending March 31, with sales up in the musical instrument and AV/IT segments. Both appointments will be finalized at a meeting of the Board of Directors to be held on June 26, following the 189th Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Nakata most recent served as President of Yamaha Corp. of America since April 2010, overseeing a period of growth for the company despite a difficult financial climate in the U.S. Throughout his tenure with the company, Nakata has been instrumental in all of the evolutions and innovations that have defined the digital/electronics side of Yamaha Musical Instruments. In 1981, Nakata joined Yamaha (former Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd., which officially changed its name to “Yamaha Corp.” in 1987) with responsibility for product planning and product development of electrical musical instruments.

In 2002, Nakata was appointed Assistant General Manager of the PA–DMI Division and, in 2005, he became General Manager of the Division. In 2006, he was named Executive Officer of Yamaha Corp. In 2009, he was promoted to Director & Executive Officer of Yamaha Corp.



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  1. Michael Nicknadarvich says:

    Mr. Nakata, Sir, the below note was sent to Yamaha Outboards North America, to Phoenix boats and to Toho Marine and Outdoors. It concerns your outboard program being run in North America and some concerns I have with it. I am simply one of your loyal customers and was trying to take advantage of the program.

    “This program from Yamaha has some significant problems that need to be addressed. I have had on order a $75k Phoenix boat, trailer and a 250 SHO. These have been on order since mid-October. But I can’t get your program because my boat will not be completed for another 6 weeks or so. Contract is in place, a several thousand dollar down payment has been made with Toho Marine, but none of that matters because I don’t have a serial number. Tell me, what good is a program if your customer base cannot take advantage of it? I am a loyal Yamaha customer with a 250 SHO on my current boat and thought I would take advantage of this program to upgrade and extend the years I would not have to worry about service on my motor. Well, guess that was a dumb thought. This program in its current form does not support your customer base in its entirety.
    A couple of quotes from Takuya Nakata, President and Representative Director, Yamaha Corporation, “…we want to interact proactively with each of our customers and to propose products and services from their perspectives.” Well from my perspective your program is broken when a customer tries 6 week in advance of the end of the program to get your product and can’t. Maybe you should pre-register customers who have put thousands of dollars down on your product to allow them to take advantage of your program. Here is another quote, “Looking ahead, we will be making every effort to ensure that Yamaha becomes “an Indispensable, Brilliantly Individual Company” and continues to enjoy long and close relationships with its customers. I would greatly appreciate your ongoing support.” Well advertising what would appear to be a GREAT program and then making it all but impossible to participate in, is not the way to engender a “close relationship” with your customer base. Sorry for rambling on a bit, but I’m really kind of upset about this whole evolution when I’m spending $75k for a product and your outboard represents about 30% of that cost and was the driving force to pull the trigger so to speak. Thank you for your attention.”

    I appreciate your time and thanks for a great product. My current 250 SHO is simply and OUTSTANDING engine! Thanks, Nick

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