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Shure’s ULX-D Digital Wireless System

Shure’s ULX-D Digital Wireless System

Overview: Shure’s ULX-D Digital Wireless System

Specifics: Shure’s ULX-D Digital Wireless System offers audio quality, signal stability and spectral efficiency driven by Shure digital wireless audio technology. Up to 14 systems can operate in a single 6Hz TV channel. It includes AES 256b encryption for privacy. The SB900 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack provides the transmitters with up to 12 hours of performance time. Transmitters and receivers display remaining battery life, accurate to within 15 minutes. The battery can be recharged at any time with no memory effect, and a complete discharge is never necessary. The SBC200 Dual Docking Charger recharges batteries while in the transmitter or out, and up to four chargers can be linked together and powered by one power supply. An SBC800 Eight-Bay Battery Charger is also available. ULX-D transmitters can also run on standard AA batteries for up to 11 hours.

MSRP: ULXD14 Instrument Wireless System: $1,650; ULXD14/83
Lavalier Wireless System with WL183 lavalier mic: $1,746;
ULXD24/SM58 Handheld Wireless System with SM58 mic: $1,686;
ULXD124/85 Combo system with ULXD4 receiver, ULXD2 hand
held transmitter with SM58 mic and ULXD1 bodypack transmitter
with WL185 lavalier mic: $2,368
Ship Date: Call company
Contact: Shure Inc., 847.600.2000,


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